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Carson STEAM Magnet
Community School,
Child Parent Organization (CPO)

Celebrate Community: Public Notice & Agenda
2023 Carson_STEAM Magnet,
Community School,
Child Parent Organization (CPO)

Our next CPO Meeting is slated for 12p, regularly on the monthly Family Friday:

Dec 1st, in the Auditorium at:
905 Kramer St, San Diego, CA 92111
(Volunteers appreciated for set-up @ 11:00.)

* Welcome & Update Highlights: Christina Bambino

Old Business:

* Nov. 17 2023 - Fall STEAM Festival was a HUGE Success. USD, STAFF, and Community worked very hard to make sure kids had an unforgettable experience. THANK YOU!

* Attendance Updates: % nearing target! WIN! WIN! WIN!

* Parent Academic Liasons':

Aimed for 17 Parents (one contact per class) 

Confirmed ~ 40. (Next steps: Phone tree?)

Communications Updates:

New website for content managment:

Membership: Focused on optimizing Alumni Associations.  All community who attends are members, and encouraged to volunteer  two hours per month. Many hands make light work. 

All Volunteers Welcome: 

The attached Flyers &/ or STEAM Projects... for review/ suggestions, & to advance interest for student collaboration on 

STEAM Bridging Projects (2 minutes): Sign up/ document work in progress (beneficial to grant efforts.)​

Volunteers welcome: Organize, Advance, and Celebrate students learning...

* Fundraising: Scholastic Bookfair, Snacks, APEX (Dates: TBD, Pledgestar

* Community Music Meetups: Songbook for sale

Movie Nights: Snacks sale. 

* Tiles, Mural(s), Paint Nights: See flyer/ map

* Plants sale: See flyer for donations. Plant potting volunteers.  

Sign up & collaborate today for Community School SDUSD "Self Help Initiatives". See also, bird rock elemendary who cut their blacktops to increase garden surface areas. See also Montgomery with Bayside Garden

+ Enrichments Update:

Eco Restoration Community:

Aimed to track pounds. Going forward Aiming to track weeks of waste (salad bar weight) diversion from landfill. On track to divert 20 weeks of Food waste from landfill. Increasing the likely hood of resilient/ self sustaining gardens through out summer.  (Helpful for baseline metrics/ tracking when applying for grants and collaborations.)


Garden Updates:

Volunteers appreciated (sprinklers, garden box building, STEAM Bridging Projects, and watering, pruning, composting. 


Ron, Campus Lead appreciates trash pickup. Very supportive of garden transformation;

Advances donations: salad bar, earth, growing containers.


Eco Restoration Community: Requesting Mulch, see map.

+Community Needs assessment requested for an additional $5,000 dollars with special thanks to HOME DEPOT, Live Well San Diego County.

Join me in amplifying our gratitude to San Diego County! 

See the example shopping cart items. Amplify your opinion...

How to Rewild Your Garden:

Toja Grid:

* Community Agreements | Updates | FAQ Resources:

"Ubuntu: I Am, Because We Are"...

Please don't hesitate to connect with any feedback. All Volunteers | Welcome.

Academic Club: Adam Osorio at* * Bayside Environmental Learning Center: Amy Zink at |

Linda Vista Community Garden...

Food Production & Recovery|

Tiny Garden: seed - harvest based on SD's year-long growing

Love Food Not Waste: 

* Farm to School at Carson:




Thank you in advance for collaboration for another great school year. Looking forward to learning best practices to support students, staff, and designing our Community School.  

Enjoy today, 

Christina C.G. Bambino

CPO, President 

Parent Stakeholder | Climate Action Steward | Artesana

“To love a place is not enough. We must find ways to heal it.”
― Robin Wall Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass

How do you envision your Community School? 

See also SDUSD recommended link:

 Justice-Centered STEM Education

Asset-Oriented Framing: Shifts from Deficits to Assets...

Looking forward to a beautiful tomorow with hopeful determination and profound gratitude... 

A proposed vision for a living school yard / cultura & arts park, healing garden, for community gathering, on this part of Kumeyaay Land.

Champion Community!

Sign up to collaborate and/ or to express interest.

Thanks for submitting!

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